Samsung Bitcoin Wallet

If there is anything that’s being very influential in this world as of now, then it is a Smartphone. We live in an age of information and it is available at our fingertips in the form of a smartphone.

If there is anything else that’s having such an influence in this world, then it is the blockchain technology. It isn’t a surprise how far the blockchain technology has reached in recent past. It perhaps got involved in almost every possible field.

But to further improve its reach, the South Korean tech giant Samsung has introduced an inbuilt Crypto wallet in its new smartphone S10. This is perhaps the most revolutionary innovation in recent times.

The fact that Samsung Galaxy has its own cryptocurrency wallet has been confirmed by the leaked photos on social media. This took the internet by storm. Though the official unboxing of the phone is on February 20, these leaked photos are causing enormous speculation.

According to Sammobile, the wallet has two parts. You can save the public and private keys and your cryptocurrency using a part. The other would be for making transactions and maintaining a proper record of them. According to some financial analysts, if this is going to happen for sure, then it will have a bigger impact on the world – more than any other innovation in recent times.

Now, according to some tech experts, mobile cryptocurrency wallets are more secure than laptops and desktops. This is because smartphone possesses a Trusted Executive Environment. So they can be operated independently when it comes to memory and storage. This way the data stored cannot be influenced by the operating system. This will also reduce the risk of getting hacked by someone.

Speaking in a commercial point of view, Samsung surely does make tremendous profits from this inbuilt wallets. This is the first ever smartphone crypto wallet and there isn’t a question of competition. Though HTC is working on blockchain technology and is constantly speaking of the advantage in the involvement of smartphones in cryptocurrency exchanges, they are not so near to launch it in the market right away. So, to some point, Samsung’s bitcoin wallet is already a success.