The World’s Most Crypto Friendly Cities

Whether you live there, are travelling for business, pleasure, or just passing through, you may be interested to know about some of the world’s most crypto friendly cities. These cities are at the forefront of acceptance in technology and are creating the front lines upon which our crypto futures may be decided.

Widespread adoption of cryptocurrency in our daily lives is something which is much talked about by many aspiring projects and community members. How close are we though to making this a reality? – Perhaps not as close as some may like, judging by these numbers.

Prague, Buenos Aires, and San Francisco make up the top three destinations in terms of Bitcoin acceptance. They host 147, 141, and 117 Bitcoin accepting businesses respectively.

In terms of city size, Prague actually leads the way quite impressively and one would have to imagine that life there would be relatively easy living on Bitcoin alone.

These cities boast a bit of a gap to the others in the list although Madrid and New York City still come in with over 100 businesses accepting Bitcoin. It is worth noting that these are figures for only Bitcoin. With the increased cost and difficulty of making a transaction, it is worth considering that other crypto payment forms may be more readily available.

Amsterdam, Bogota, Vancouver, London, and Paris round off the list of most BTC friendly cities, all with upwards of 80 businesses accepting. These figures represent steady progress for many of the cities and even in times when the BTC price is taking a hit, they still hold resolutely.

Whilst the widespread adoption of crypto payments is sure to continue its uptrend in the years to come, one has to wonder about the viability of Bitcoin in these situations. Sure, it is the powerhouse and most trusted currency, but from a feasibility point of view in terms of transaction speed and cost, perhaps it may be time for other methods to take up the mantle. For the intrepid traveler among us who is also a crypto enthusiast, you now have at least 10 cities to visit where you can live life with ease.