The huge acclamation that cryptocurrency received and the success of blockchain technology has made investing cryptocurrency a golden opportunity for guaranteed returns. This rush towards investing in cryptocurrency has led to many new ideas and creation of platforms. One such platform is Uturm.

Though cryptocurrency isn’t a new thing to the world, not everyone is familiar with various aspects of cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, there are very less platforms to help such newbies and beginners.

Utrum is a decentralized platform that creates an ecosystem where the cryptocurrency stakeholders can share information. It has been very difficult for new investors and shareholders to find the best cryptocurrency to invest in. Utrum brings all such users to a single platform and makes them interact with financial experts and analysts.


Utrum offers some exceptional features to its users. Some of them are:

  1. It rewards the contributors for their reviews with its $OOT tokens.
  2. The users can also be rewarded by submitting ratings in the application.
  3. The users can ask any kind of questions and doubts regarding anything related to cryptocurrency investment and they will be clarified by experts.
  4. The users can have access to crypto articles and videos which will illustrate the important things that is needed to be known before investing.
  5. This serves as a community for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to meet and interact.
  6. The users can run background checks on ICO’s and crypto experts with the help of threat analysts.
  7. Most of the reviews are offered by human wisdom, crypto experts and Artificial Intelligence.

OOT coin:

OOT coin is the crypto token launched by Utrum after its release. There are 216 OOT tokens available at present and the minting has stopped. These can be used by the members to get access to in-depth analysis of crypto investment from experts. Mostly OOT can be used in Utrum ecosystem but sometimes they can be sold in other cryptocurrency exchanges. But the price values are always fluctuating.

Utrum is first of its kind service oriented cryptocurrency platform and is surely successful so far. So, it is a great way to gain information about crypto investments and is also a good place to invest.