White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions: The Basics

With the cryptocurrency boom in full swing, many traders are rushing in to take advantage of the market by setting up their own cryptocurrency exchange where different cryptocurrencies are tracked, bought and sold. Building up a new cryptocurrency exchange, however, takes time and requires resources that not every new entrant may have. So if you are just starting out and you want to know how to create a cryptocurrency exchange, you can consider opting for a white label cryptocurrency exchange solution. You might be wondering what exactly the term is about? Here is what you should know about –

What is a white label cryptocurrency exchange solution?

A white label cryptocurrency exchange solution follows essentially the same principle as outsourcing, in that a third party sets up the features and creates the cryptocurrency exchange on your behalf. The chief advantage of white label crypto exchange is that you can get it up and running much faster than if you were to do it all from scratch. This allows you to focus on running the platform rather than searching for developers to hire. However, building a white label cryptocurrency exchange requires a good amount of capital upfront, which not everyone may have. There may also be some limitations in core customizations. Nonetheless, a white label crypto exchange is ideal as a quick and convenient way to enter the market.

We’ve combed the internet and compiled the best white label crypto exchange solutions for you to consider when setting up your cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Shift Markets

With over 40 years of experience, the team behind Shift Markets truly knows their way around white label cryptocurrency exchanges. Among the many services they provide are Google two-factor authorization, secure wallet interface, 24×7 trading, and multi-currency management.

  • Prolitus

This convenient software offers KYC modules, payment gateways, integrated wallets as well as analytic dashboards along with the option to centralize or decentralize the platform. It’s a good option for those seeking basic solid features when figuring out how to make a cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Blockex

Blockex.com boasts extremely compliant protocols and concentrates on the whole life-cycle of cryptocurrency including its creation. It is also equally compatible with either blockchain or DLT as the digital asset framework.

  • Open Ledger Dex

This crypto business offers flexible, secure and highly customizable options for building cryptocurrency exchanges. It expands on the original BitShares platform and is capable of handling more transactions per second than either Ethereum or Bitcoin.